• What is CPAFULL?
  • In times when traffic is no longer an issue we believe each advertiser deserves to reach its ideal public. Whether you are looking to develop brand awareness, generate new leads or increase sales. We will make it work for you!! We mix innovating technology, human insight and professional experience to locate a specific audience on over 50 channels, and to target and optimize a perfected approach.

    Now all that is left for you to do is to simply join us and you'll gain access to high quality inventory on top-tier publisher sites worldwide.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing is the act of placing creative materials in front of potential consumers in hopes that they will be interested in the product or service and act on that advertising effort. Affiliates make a percentage of the sale for each valid action.

  • How do i get paid Bi-weekly?
  • You will qualify for Bi-weekly payments after a month of running traffic. This gives us time to anaylze your traffic and also establish a good relationship with you the affiliate.
    and we require you make over $2500 every two weeks.

  • How often do you pay?
  • We typically run monthly billing cycles, paying the majority of our affiliates on a net-30 basis. Though we do offer flexibility and pay many of our partners net-15 payouts. For our best affiliates, we offer a variety of much faster payment plans - many receive bi-weekly payments.

  • Why was my application denied?
  • Here are some reasons for denial:

    1. Your phone number is disconnected or not yours

    2. Email address is fake

    3. IP address used to sign up does not match your location

    4. Uncompleted questions

    5. Any fake information

    6. You do not answer your phone for review or call back

  • Do I have to give you my social security number?
  • No, but we do require a w8/w9 from you.

  • Do I have to pay anything to be an affiliate?
  • It is FREE to join the Cpafull network as an affiliate.

  • How do I see reports on my earnings?
  • You can access your account at anytime, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, using the username and password that you selected when signing up for your account. The reporting is all web based, and user-friendly for your conveinence. When logged in to you Cpafull account just click on the REPORTS link.

  • I haven't received my wire?
  • Typically a wire takes 24 hrs if you are a US affiliate. If you are outside of the USA it typically can take anywhere from 1-3 business days. If for some reason it is taking longer please email us at accounting@Cpafull.com

  • I haven't received my check yet?
  • Typically a check can take 3-10 business days before you receive it. If this is not a good payment of method for you please notify us to change your payment at accounting@Cpafull.com for quicker payments.

  • What payment options are available?
  • We pay via Check, Wire, ACH, direct deposit. Paypal(check) payments threshold $100.00, ACH(direct deposit) threshold $1000, Wire Payments threshold $1,500.00.
    Please note that your first payment will be sent by check and must be cashed. Once verification has been made, your payment method can be switched to PayPal, Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer.

  • Is there any fee when payment arrived?
  • ACH transfers within the US will incur a fee of $3.00 USD. International Wire (Outside US) will incur a fee of $35.00 USD) and can take up to 7 days. By selecting this option you agree for these fees to be deducted from your account when each payment is processed.
    Please ensure suitable and correct payment details are provided. If incorrect, your payments may not be successful and you could be liable for a fee/bank charge.

  • Do you require a w8/w9 form?
  • Yes, we do require a W8 or W9 form to be sent to us.

  • How long does it take to get approved?
  • Typically it takes 3-5 business days before you are approved.

  • Is there fraud prevention on the Cpafull network?
  • We have many automated tools in place to alert us to possible fraud. Our team also monitors the activities of merchants and affiliates alike, to make sure that there is no suspicious activity. ALL checks are reviewed before they are sent, and fraudulent users will NOT be paid ANY commissions. The fact is that most people who attempt to fraud merchants or affiliates, are not very good at it, and are easy to spot, catch, and terminate from the network. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for fraud, no exceptions, no second chances.

  • How can i advertise with Cpafull?
  • Please e-mail info@Cpafull.com for any inquiries.

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